varve is an annual layer of sedimentary rock associated with glacial lakes. The word ‘varve’ is derived from the Swedish word varv which means variously  ‘revolution’, ‘in layers’, and ‘circle’.

This blog will be sedimented too. As with stuff under a glacial lake the newest stuff will be near the top and old stuff, almost solid rock, will be deep down.

The purpose of this blog is to sediment thoughts and writing on the themes of place, mobility, landscape and poetry. I am an academic geographer (at the University of Edinburgh)  who writes on place. mobility, landscape and other themes. I am also a practicing poet who writes poems about similar themes. I am the author of over a dozen books including Maxwell Street: Writing and Thinking Place and the poetry collections Soil and Fence. I edit the journal GeoHumanities with Deborah Dixon.

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  1. Hi Tim. I read an essay you wrote on poetry and geography yesterday. And really enjoyed it. You’re doing great work. I wanted to let you know that I was a Leverhulme-funded poet-in-residence in Exeter University Geography department for a year. The first in the country I think. I also completed a PhD a couple of years ago entitled Geographical Intimacy. It was practise-based, like yours – a book of poems and 40,000 words of research. Some of my research might interest you? My name’s Alyson Hallett. I’ve a website: http://www.thestonelibrary.com where you can see some of the work I’ve been up to. There’s a contact email there too if you’re interested in getting in touch. Best wishes,

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