Living in the Mobility Transition

I am directing a major two year research project on “living in the mobility transition” which will explore the possible futures of mobility in 10-14 sites across the globe. We are just starting out with pilot studies in Canada and the UK.

The research addresses some important questions for the future of humanity in a variety of diverse contexts including

How will we move in ten, twenty, thirty years from now?
What forms of transport will we use?
How will our mobility choices reflect the need to combat climate change?
What impact will the decreasing availability of affordable oil have on our mobility options?

These are key questions facing governments at all levels as well as private transport providers, think tanks, innovators, social action groups and individuals. They are questions that take on different meanings and different answers across the world.

A new blog addresses the process of undertaking this research and it has just started up at

The project includes a team of six researchers including (me) Tim Cresswell (Northeastern University, Boston), Peter Adey (Royal Holloway, University of London), Cristina Temenos (Northeastern), Jane Yeonjae Lee (Northeastern), Astrid Wood (Royal Holloway) and Anna Nikolaeva (Royal Holloway).

Two Poems in The Clearing

I am delighted to have two new poems in/on The Clearing. This site mixes up creative writing with geo themes of landscape, place, the natural world, journeys etc. in a lovely way. The poems are consistently thought-provoking – and if you look hard you will find several other geographers there too. The Clearing is part of a flowering of creative geography/geographical creativity websites, magazines and other outlets that are appearing on both sides of the Atlantic (and presumedly elsewhere). See, for instance, On Site Review based in Calgary (some poems coming out there too soon) at as well as Newfound ( and the Common ( based in Amherst MA.


Anyway – here are the poems in the Clearing