Soil News

Soil has been released! On June 12th there was a wonderful launch event at the Station House pub in Acton where I was joined by the publisher (so many thanks to Tom Chivers of Penned in the Margins) and a host of poets who have helped and inspired as well as friends and colleagues from Acton, from Royal Holloway and elsewhere. It was an unrepeatable event to be standing for the first time with my own book of poems in my hand to read from.



Since the launch one of the poems, the Fox and the Skyscraper, has been reprinted on the website ( and I have been interviewed by the Journal of Wild Culture and Snipe London. The interviews were great fun – interesting questions that might equally have been questions for a geographer as for a poet. I have generally tried to avoid making too much of being a geographer as I have wanted to make it as a poet independently of that. But clearly the two are related and reveal my particular aesthetic, intellectual and emotional obsessions. The interviews can be found at: