Publication news – book and poems – geography as an art?

I discovered by accident the other day that my book The Tramp in America which was published in 2001 in hardback by Reaktion Books is going to be published in paperback this summer. That’s a 12 year delay. It makes me happy. I am really proud of that book and it has received comparatively little attention when compared to other things I have done. It deserves its renewal.

In other news – three poems of mine appears in the latest issue of The Geographical Review – all will be in my collection Soil. The issue is on ‘creative geographies’ and includes some wonderful stuff by artists, graphic novelists, poets and even geographers. It is a pleasure and an honour to be included. It does seem that there is a long awaited and much prophesised creative turn in geography. Consider, for instance, these prophetic words of Donald Meinig from many moons ago.

“Could geographers actually create literature as well as borrow from it?” he wrote in 1983, “I see nothing in the logic, needs, or possibilities of our field to prohibit it.”[i] At the end of his essay (Geography as an Art) he asserted that his paper was “a call … for greater openness, a clearing away of pedantic barriers, for a toleration of geographical creativity wherever it may lead …. We shall not have a humanistic geography worthy of the claim,” he continued, “until we have some of our most talented and sensitive scholars deeply engaged in the creation of the literature of the humanities. Geography will deserve to be called an art only when a substantial number of geographers become artists”.[ii]

Are we there yet?

[i] Meinig, D. (1983). Geography as an Art. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 8, 314-328. 318

[ii] Ibid. 328